Sampaolesi Impianti Elettrici
Sampaolesi Impianti Elettrici

Company Profile

Company Profile

La nostra Sede nel 1963

The Sampaolesi Tullio S.r.l. is an electric italian Company located in Rimini (Romagna Region) Italy. The Company started its activity in the 1945 with electric constructions for urbane plants such as residential areas, hotels and commercial areas. On 1958 started also the activity related to the public lighting installations and to the industrial electric plants such as, inter alia, the Rimini military airport, the Santa Monica in Misano Adriatico (Italy) auto and motordrome, the aqueduct main building in Pesaro (Italy).

During the years the Company have increased its competences with regard to the public lighting installations and the electric constructions for the industrial sector; and realized many projects with a capacity over the 1000 KVA in particular in the central and south part of Italy. Nowadays the Company is runned by the third generation of the Sampaolesi family, Ing Fabio Assirelli Sampaolesi with a partner and an administrative and operational structure capable to deal with the complexity of new sectors in which the Company is working such as photovoltaic plants, aeolian generators and biomass.

The Sampaolesi Tullio S.r.l., alongside its main capabilities and competencies, related to public and industrial lighting and electric sectors realizes also photovoltaic plants of the types “STAND ALONE” and “GRID CONNECTED”; the first one it is used in isolated areas where it is impossible to be connected to the electric network for different reasons. In this case the plant’s storage of energy is assured by a battery package with the possibility to have current with voltage 12,24,48 V and thanks inverters 110, 230, 400 V.

The “GRID CONNECTED” plants are instead directly connected to the electric network and work as producers or users of electric energy: when a domestic or industrial plants is in overproduction of energy (that is when it is capable to cover its requirements) the surplus is transferred to the electric company, it is put into the network and calculated with a counter “on debit” by the electric company. In case that the plant output cannot cover the energy requirements, as for instance during the night, energy for the users is drawn from the electric network and calculated with a well-known counter “on drawing”. During the day, in the peak hours for consumption, requirements are assured by the photovoltaic panels and the surplus of energy put into the network is repaid with a tax reduction. The Sampaolesi Tullio S.r.l. is actually working on the interconnection between the photovoltaic plants or the aeolian generators and the water pumping irrigation systems for areas in which water supplies is difficult or areas in which it is problematic to irrigate or keep hothouses or other similar plants in perfect conditions and with perfect performances.

Cav. Tullio Sampaolesi Ing. Francesco Sampaolesi Liliana Zangheri Sampaolesi Ing. Fabio Sampaolesi Riccardo Roccoli

Organigramma aziendale

Organigramma aziendale


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